April 29, 2016

Dubai is one of the worlds most exhilarating destinations: a glittering city that offers swathes of golden beaches and world-class shopping, dining and nightlife. It hosts electrifying events and sporting championships, and for all the family, is one big, adventurous playground.


A place where tradition meets ambition, where the past meets the future, the visionary city is also proud to display its rich heritage and culture. Welcome to Arabia and welcome to the destination that has made it its mission to become the worlds most visited city.


Extraordinary images of Dubais skyline have been seen around the world, but this is a city that must be experienced to be believed. Where else can you spend the morning on the beach, the afternoon snow skiing and the evening camel riding in the desert? Where else can you dive with sharks in a shopping mall and watch dancing fountains at the base of the worlds tallest tower? Whatever your passion, whatever your age –Dubai will never disappoint.

And with many more hotels and attractions in the
pipeline, no-one can ever truly say they have ticked off Dubai. With changes constantly afoot, Dubai is a city that can be visited year after year.

The pace of progress has been phenomenal and it takes some believing to imagine that just 50 years ago Dubai was little more than a fishing village beside the famous Creek. It was here that the Bani Yas tribe and the forefathers of the Maktoum dynasty first settled back in 1800. Even in the 1950s when the rest of the world was exploring space and New Yorks Times Square had been illuminated for a good 50 years,

Dubai still sat in darkness without electricity. But it was also here that the vision of Dubai first came about. The seeds of ambition were sowed and that small fishing village blossomed into the modern, multicultural and dynamic metropolis we see today. Dubai dares to dream big – and then turns that dream into reality.