Hotel with the best view of the Pyramids of Giza

March 12, 2020

Pyramids of Giza plateau can be viewed from many different points. There are just couple of Hotels near the Pyramids, and Hotel with the best view by far is Pyramids Guest House. You can enjoy breakfast watching the sun rise on beautiful terrace of Pyramids Guest House, or drink afternoon tea and see how sun is setting down and make mysterious red and orange color behind the Pyramids.

Entrance of the sight is just 5 minutes walking from the Hotel, and it is best to be at the ticket office early in the morning so you can avoid big crowd of tourists, enjoy and make good photos.

PYRAMIDS GUEST HOUSE is located at the valley of the local community while facing to the magnificent view of pyramids. This strategic location provide only 200 meters walking distance to the entrance of the Pyramids compound and at the same time have a local taste of Egyptian hospitality. PYRAMIDS GUEST HOUSE is the closest location that have the full view of Giza plateau with the full view of Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure, Sphinx, and underground tombs. Besides, you can enjoy the light show located at roof top night at 7pm.

​All rooms are air conditioned with hot and cold shower, The rooms are located at 5th floor with Great Pyramids view. Other facilities also included free internet access, TV with satellite, 24-hours laundry service, open terrace with dining area, free airport pick up on arrival and free beverages.