Traveling climate-friendly in Switzerland

August 19, 2021

Tourism is going through transformation due to worldwide pandemic, and now more than ever, we need climate friendly solutions for transport and traveling. One of the countries with the most denst public transportation system is Switzerland. By public transport, you enjoy carefree travel across Switzerland – and it is even climate-friendly. The railway for example is the most environmentally friendly means of transport. It emits less CO2 than any other motorised mode of transport. We have spoke with Thomas Hoffmann, Market Manager of Swiss Travel System to learn more about climate-friendly transportation system in Switzerland and how it is functioning.

Tell us something about how important sustainable transport is for your company and for Switzerland?

The railway is the most environmentally friendly means of transport, emitting less CO2 than any other
motorised mode of transport. We try to raise public awareness of sustainability in tourism with every
step we make. Luckily, Switzerland is already a railway nation: On average, every Swiss person
travels 2505 km by train each year, and 6.6 million people use the train daily. With our work and our
products, we try to inspire our foreign guests with our enthusiasm for travelling by train, bus and boat.

In which way are you promoting the Swiss Travel System, and its eco-sustainable impact on Swiss society?

Together with our partners, we are constantly evaluating new projects focusing on how to raise the
awareness of sustainable travel. For example, we’re currently taking part in the “Swisstainable”
campaign of Switzerland Tourism. Also, the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland contains many travel
suggestions with itineraries using public transport only. Lastly, we keep challenging our ticket range so
that travelling by train remains the most attractive way for tourists to travel across Switzerland.

What are the plans for the future of the Swiss Travel System? How do you think the worldwide pandemic will impact tourism in Switzerland and the transportation of tourists within the country?

The global pandemic has affected tourism worldwide, but the growing demand for travel will remain.
And the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important when choosing a means of transport.
In this, Switzerland is innovative: for instance, we just finished the NRLA project, which allows trains a
speed of up to 250 km/h traversing the Alps at their base. Also, night train offers are on the increase
again within Europe, connecting the neighbouring countries with Switzerland. function as a trailblazer.
The SBB – our mother company and the country’s largest railway company – already generates 90%
of the electricity for its trains from hydropower, while the electricity for train stations, offices, production
buildings is already procured 100% CO2-neutrally.

Please, recommend some ideal eco-friendly and sustainable travel routes that we can
experience while exploring Switzerland with your passes

If you want to travel around Switzerland in a sustainable way, the public transport is the best choice.
It’s not only a climate-friendly way of travelling but also a comfortable and easy one – and, of course,
beautiful! Take the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland: Within the various travel suggestions, the most
beautiful train routes are connected to some of the most delightful destinations, from cities to
mountains. And one can even plan your journey sustainably from the very start – by taking one of the
many direct international trains from neighbouring countries right into the heart of Zurich, Basel,
Geneva and other fascinating Swiss hotspots.
And for those who think travelling by train is complicated: with the Swiss Travel Pass, you can hop on
and off every public transportation without buying an additional ticket – convenient and easy. Thanks
to synchronized timetables of train, bus, boat and mountain railway, your onward connection is right
there waiting for you when you get off.