Mega FAM trip – Discover Dominican Republic

April 1, 2022

It is time for reopening of tourism and rediscovering of places we love. In organization of tourism board of Dominican Republic, Eurowings Discover and Expipoint more then 70 tourism agencies and travel agents from Germany had possibility to learn more about destinations and hotels in Dominican Republic and what they can offer for tourists in Europe.

Beside opportunity to learn more about culture and diversity of tourism offer in Dominican Republic travel agencies from Germany were also taking part of local travel market organized by numerous hotels and tourism stakeholders in Puerto Plata.

FAM trip started at Frankfurt International Airport where all participants were gathered to check in to brand new route to Puerto Plata which is operated by Eurowings Discover two times a week. You can found out more about destinations and flight schedule of Eurowings Discover on their official website.

Check in was very well organized and fast. There are a lot of check in counters for Eurowings Discover passengers and all travel agents and representatives of tourism agencies had opportunity to experience efficient start of this trip.

Beside destination of Dominican Republic and its hotels and diversity, travel agents were also interested to learn more about Eurowings Discover as they are brand new airline company within Lufthansa group specialized for leisure with numerous interesting destinations around the world.

After short gathering at the gate before the entering the plane representatives of tourism agencies were ready for this adventure. Durring the flight they were interested to know more about different classes such as Economy, Premium Ecomony and Business class. Each class has its own benefits but all of them have great options for in flight entertainment and variety of meals as well as buy-on-board options. You can found out more about Eurowings Discover flights in free online book.

After safe flight with enough time for travel agents to get to know each other, it was time for first impressions of the country. Gathering point was beautiful and modern Senator Hotel, one of the best hotels in nortnern coast of Dominican Republic. Senator Puerto Plata Spa Resort offers a Premium All Inclusive, which guests can enjoy the best hotel services, meals and beverages 24 hours a day, without having to worry about anything during their vacations. Representatives of Senator Hotel showed their amenities to travel agents and all benefits that their guests can have.

One of the most interesting activity during the FAM trip was visiting jungle and Waterfalls of Damajagua – that was adrenaline adventure as all participants of this trip had opportunity to jump from the waterfall and experience active tourism. It is important to see all aspects of tourism potential of Dominican Republic as based on their experiences travel agents and representatives of tourism agencies are making potential tourism arrangements for their future customers and tourists.

Adventure tourism is one of the most important assets of travel offer of Dominican Republic. Beside beautiful beaches on Atlantic Ocean and on Carribean sea, there are numerous options for active tourism. From zip line to horse riding and from bird and whales watching to jumping from the waterfalls, diversity of Dominican Republic is amazing and you will newer be bored in this Caribbean country.

Next on the program to visit was colonial town of Puerto Plata. Cultural diversity of Puerto Plata is perfect for tourists who wants to experience more then just holiday on the beach. With its historic center and colonial past, numerous museums and restaurants, Puerto Plata is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbeans. Travel agents had guided tours around the old city center but also Rum factory where they tried different types of local alcohol.

Puerto Plata is very ,,Instagramble,, destinations as in every corner you can make beautiful images. From the Cathedral and museums in the center to the best ice cream and coffee shops there are many options to spend whole day and learn more about local culture and history. Dominican Republic is not just sun and sea and there are plenty of cultural tourism options.

After enjoying diversity of culture it was time for local travel market where numerous tourism stakeholders of Puerto Plata as well as different hotels and travel agencies showed their potential to more then 70 travel representatives from Germany. Travel agents had opportunity to learn more about destination Puerto Plata and the variety of hotels and benefits for future tourists from Europe.

After Puerto Plata, travel agents were visiting second biggest city in Dominican Republic – Santiago, which is famous for cigar factories and museums. They had opportunity to see how Dominican cigars are made, but also they visited UTESA museum with guided tour explaining history and culture of Dominican Republic. After Santiago, travel agents gathered in Moca, town famous for its restaurants and great food. One of the activity in Moca was cooking class where they learned how to make famous local dishes.

One of the most important part of this FAM trip was getting to know hotel options so travel agents can make different tour packages based on what they saw during the trip. Expipoint together with tourism board and tourism stakeholders in the country organized site inspection of important hotels in the northern coast. Travel agents had opportunity to visit hotels such as Casa Colonial, Emotions by Hodelpa, Iberostar, Blue Bay, Sun Scape and Viva and all of them organized welcome and guides.

Each night there were shows with local music and cuisine so travel agents could explore that aspects of holiday too and to include it in their future programs for European customers. After 4 days of site inspections, visiting museums and active tourism, representative of tourism agencies had their last excursion. And for the end of this Mega FAM trip, tourism board of Dominican Republic chosed one of the most special place in the Caribbean region – paradise island or Cayo Arena how locals call it. It is unique coral island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and travel agents had fun exploring it with all shades of blue.

Now, more then ever it is important that all tourism stake holders work together in promotion of idea of reopening of tourism and this FAM trip is showing how good organization can give good example of cooperation between travel agencies in one hand and hotels, airline and tourism board in another. Together they are forming one tourism product that can be offered to European tourists and that can led to amazing holidays for travelers but also for emerging of local economies depending on tourism.