Costa Rica – Discover natural paradise

October 16, 2022

Costa Rica is a country from which we can learn so much. From preservation of nature and sustainable tourism to the fact that they are country with no conflicts and army. After two years of pandemic, Costa Rica is ready again to welcome tourists from all over the world. There are many new flight routes from Europe and there is no better destination to learn about ecology and see nature in all its glory – Costa Rica is one of the most bio diverse country in the world and you will appriciate every momment spent in this natural paradise, surounded with animals, best coffee and chocolate and the most welcoming people.

Costa Rica is unique destination

There are many unique facts about Costa Rica. It is country with 12 climate zones and if you cross the country from Caribbean to Pacific coast you will be able to experience tropical rain forest climate in one momment, couple of hours later cloud forest climate which is characteristic of central Costa Rica and in the Pacific coast you will enjoy drier climate but again with lush nature. This type of biodevirsity is typical for Costa Rica and due to its geographical location and diverse climate it is a country with more than half a million species. You can see monkeys and sloths above your head, jumping on a trees and on the other hand caymans in Caribbeans and crocodiles in Pacific coast. For nature lovers Costa Rica is perfect destination where tourists can enjoy bird watching in the morning and same day look for Boa snake and crocodiles during afternoon hike.

The most tastefull food

Gallo Pinto is national dish of Costa Rica. It is very simple dish with rice and beans but it is most tastefull rice that you can try. They eat it in every ocasion but there are so many other dishes that tourists have to try. Fish and sea food is very often on a plate together with vegetebles such as avocado or potato. When you are in Costa Rica you have to try all different kind of fruits that they have. Because their varieties of climates they have literally every kind of fruites. Something that is unique for Costa Rica is fruit Cas – that is not so common in other parts of the world. It is best to try natural juice of Cas and after first glass of Cas, you will be ordering it every day during your Costa Rica Trip. Beside Cas, delicious fruits such as Guanabana, Maracuya, Pitaya, Mamon Chino can be totally new to tourists and all of them are obsessed with Costa Rican fruit.

National parks cover one third of the country

Costa Rica is pioneer in sustainable tourism. Ecotourism in Costa Rica started several decades ago with the creation of the National Park System and the establishing of the infrastructure which would provide eco lodging to guests visiting the country.

Costa Rica ecotourism has achieved world wide leadership, and is respected as a visionary economic activity which brings guests to protected areas with the intention of helping its conservation, both of flora and fauna, while allowing and contributing to economic and social development and growth of the local population. Ecotourism is the most relevant economic activity in the country, which has in recent years developed into a broader trend, called sustainable tourism, allowing for bigger developments, that, however, stay focused on sustainable principles based on Costa Rica Ecotourism, where it finds its origin.

Adventure tourism is something that you have to try while in Costa Rica

From flying above jungle on gyrocopter to Ziplining, Costa Rica is power house of adventure tourism worldwide. Ziplining was invented in Costa Rica. There are numerous places where you can try Ziplining in Costa Rica, from extreme zipline in Monte Verde to perfect place for beginners on Pacific coast in rain forest adventure center, where you can learn more about nature and animals and than cross 10 different zip lines from easy to super fast but all within super safe environment with guides who will teach you everything that you need to know about this fun activity. When you try zipline once you will be addicted and you will always try to find more extreme ones.

Pura Vida is more than saying in Costa Rica

You will be constantly greeted with this two simple words – Pura Vida. But that is so much more than just saying in Costa Rica, it is a way of their life. You can use it as hello, good bye but also thank you and literally every other occasion. It means no worry, enjoy, be happy, use your time in this paradise, be nice to others. It is unique way of expression of good vibes and joy of life.

You will see so much different animals

One of the best experiences of Costa Rica is to see animals in their natural environment. Sloths are national symbol and you can see cute sloths sleeping on the tries but also sometimes, if you are driving, you can see them crossing the roads so slow down signs are everywhere. Different types of monkeys are also very easy to spot on in different national parks around the country. But dont be dissapointed if you dont see your favorite animal, because majority of them are nocturnal animals and can be spoted just during the night. Animals are free in the nature of Costa Rica so dont expect that they will be always in front of you. They are enjoying their freedom in the jungle, but still there are a lot of different animal rescue centers across the country where you can learn more about animals and their every day life.

Coffee and chocolate tours are not to be missed

Beside wildlife, lush nature, volcanoes and waterfalls if you are in Costa Rica, you have to visit some of the coffee and cocoa plantages. And there is no better way to enjoy it but on a guided tour where you will learn how they are grown, how many varieties are there and absolutely, to taste some of the best quality coffee and chocolate in the world.

Cocoa is produced in lower ground in tropical areas while coffee plantages are in the higher ground from 800 to 1800 meters above sea level. Nowadays Costa Rica is not the biggest producer of coffee or cocoa but quality of coffee and cocoa beans in Costa Rica is one of the best in the world and many small farms are more interested to have quality and not quantity.