Country Terrace lounge bar and restaurant – the best of Gozo

January 9, 2024

If you are in Malta, you have to visit its smaller island of Gozo. It is special place with numerous attractions, history, culture and beautiful nature. After long day of sightseeing in Gozo, there is no better place to take a rest and try local specialities then a beautiful Country Terrace restaurant. Beside delicious food made with local products what is special about this place is location, terrace and the best view on the island. During your lunch you will have the best view on island of Malta and Gozo channel with small island of Comino.

As you step in Country Terrace restaurant you will be overwhelmed how everything is well organized and how all of the staff are just there to please you and give you the best introduction of culinary delights of Gozo. They will recommend you local wines and products of Maltese archipelago, but you can also view interesting menu of the restaurant. Obviusly as it is located on the island, the best dish you can try is some of the local fresh fish as tuna or other mediterranean fish, but beside sea food you can try all kind of meat and different delights.

When you are in Malta and Gozo you cant skip local sweets and Country Terrace restaurant is great place to try different delights for your sweet tooth. Imqaret is the best kept secrets of Malta and it is sweet that is also healthy so you can be sure that it is a must try when you are in the restaurant. Beside Imqaret sweet, you can find all kind of different deserts in Country Terrace restaurants. Beside all kind of mediterranean dishes in this restaurant you can try all kind of different local wines, and there are dozens of different wines as this restaurant is one kind of museum of wines. For more information about restaurant, dishes and wines you can visit their website and catch up with menu:

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