Antigoni Beach Resort – ultimate destination for tranquility and luxury seekers

May 18, 2022

It is time for summer season of 2022. and there is no better place for seaside relaxation then Greece. In Halkidiki and specifically on the beautiful and green Peninsula of Sithonia, overlooking the Mount Athos, the hotel Antigoni Beach Resort dominates over the breathtaking natural landscape. With fast and easy access from the city of Thessaloniki, which lies only 110km away, Antigoni Beach Resort is undoubtedly the ultimate summer vacation destination for those seeking for…

Norway – dream now, visit later

March 21, 2021

After one year of worldwide pandemic all of us dreams about open spaces, beutiful nature and unique places. Norway has it all, and it is very high on our dream list when traveling would be possible again. Visit Norway motto is dream now, visit later. Beside dreaming we wanted to hear what are the plans and what we can expect from tourism in Norway this summer ( or…

Secret destination: castles of Luxembourg

December 21, 2020

When you think about European castles first images that comes to your mind are French and German castles. And yes…they are amazing and you have to visit them. But if you want to discover some new and secret places in the middle of Europe think about Luxembourg. Luxembourg is the perfect place for castle lovers with more than 50 castles and picturesque villages. Most of the castles have…

Lepenski Vir – the oldest urban settlement in Europe

August 30, 2020

Archaeological site Lepenski vir – the oldest urban settlement in Europe was discovered in 1965, on the very coast of the Danube in Serbia. It is 15km far from Donji Milanovac in eastern part of Serbia. That was one of the most significant discoveries of this kind in Serbia and Europe. Its culture is about 8000 years old and it represented the unknown for archeologists. It was named…