Secret destination: castles of Luxembourg

December 21, 2020

When you think about European castles first images that comes to your mind are French and German castles. And yes…they are amazing and you have to visit them. But if you want to discover some new and secret places in the middle of Europe think about Luxembourg. Luxembourg is the perfect place for castle lovers with more than 50 castles and picturesque villages. Most of the castles have…

Lepenski Vir – the oldest urban settlement in Europe

August 30, 2020

Archaeological site Lepenski vir – the oldest urban settlement in Europe was discovered in 1965, on the very coast of the Danube in Serbia. It is 15km far from Donji Milanovac in eastern part of Serbia. That was one of the most significant discoveries of this kind in Serbia and Europe. Its culture is about 8000 years old and it represented the unknown for archeologists. It was named…