Serra de Tramuntana – secret of Mallorca

October 14, 2022

Mallorca is well known mediterannean destination, but still there are many secrets on this beautifull island, and tourists are welcome to discover it. One of the best kept secrets of Mallorca is Serra de Tramuntana, mountain range that strech on western coast of Mallorca. With its hidden beaches, rocky peaks and cliffs it is perfect spot for eco tourism, hiking but also cultural trails as this place was…

Discover unique biodiversity and cultural heritage of Ibiza

October 13, 2022

Ibiza is worldwide famous as a party island where the most popular DJ-s are showing their entertainment skills. Beautiful beaches, year-long sunny weather and exclusive hotels are something that we can imagine when we are talking about Ibiza. But this mediterranean gem is so much more then classic holiday destination. Its unique biodiversity and culture are making perfect example of interaction between marine and coastal ecosystems and on…

Xenia Ouranoupolis – unique mediterranean holistic experience

September 26, 2021

Xenia Ouranoupolis, of P.A.P Corp. hotel family, is located just 2 minutes from the town of Ouranoupolis, built on the most beautiful beach of the area, with an exceptional view towards Mount Athos, the tower of Ouranoupolis and the Amoliani island. Xenia Ouranoupolis, one of the 10 Greek hotels characterized as “right on the waterfront”, has been recently expanded with 3 new two store buildings, an internet café,…

MOZA Mini-P – perfect gimbal for travelers

April 11, 2021

Spring is here, time for planning new adventures and trips. My travel list for this spring is all about camera equipment, as I want to travel light and not to carry to much stuff in my backpack. Stabilization is very important for my travel images and video clips. When I am considering camera stabilization equipment for my travelings my perfect choice is MOZA Mini-P as it is compatible…

MOZA NANO SE – Intelligent Selfie Gimbal

November 27, 2020

When you are traveling it is always good to take multi functional gadget with yourself. MOZA NANO SE is the best choice as it is selfie gimbal, but you can use it in so many other ways. One of my favorite ways to use MOZA NANO SE is as a perfect tripod for your mobile phone. The NANO SE is an intelligent selfie extendable gimbal, allowing you to…