Frankfurt am Main

August 24, 2016

Known far and wide for its diversity, Frankfurt presents itself as both a traditional and a cosmopolitan city. Whether you’re a business traveller or a tourist, visitors will find an ideal urban infrastructure awaiting them. Frankfurt invites you to immerse yourself in its 1,200-year history. Countless sightseeing attractions attest to the city’s past significance. In the heart of the old town, known as the Römerberg, Frankfurt shows itself from its most historical side. Here, a section of the old town destroyed in World War II is being reconstructed according to its original plans. Known as the DomRömer Quarter, the area is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.

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Frankfurt is of course also a place of innovation and development. The city’s urban architecture, featuring Germany’s most impressive skyline, is one of the most modern in all of Europe. Trendy bars and pubs, local fashion labels and a strong creative industry are all signs of Frankfurt’s modern spirit. The current restoration of Frankfurt’s old town (Domrömer Quarter) is a project that is unique in all of europe. Featuring an architecturally harmonious mixture of historical reconstructions and contemporary buildings, this renewed residential quarter promises to exude an authentic old-town flair, bringing back to life diverse epochs of Frankfurt’s long and storied past. With 13 museums situated along the riverside promenade and a further 13 in close proximity, Frankfurt’s famous museum embankment presents itself as an architecturally unique cultural ensemble. With their many permanent and changing exhibitions, Frankfurt’s museums are at the forefront of the international art scene. What’s more, many of the museums have their homes in magnificent, time-honoured villas, adding to the overall flair. Scenically set along the River Main, most dispose over beautiful green gardens, cosy cafés and first-class restaurants.

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The countless stages of the cultural metropolis of Frankfurt have also gained an excellent reputation. The offer range is vast and highly intercultural, ranging from Alte Oper and Schauspiel Frankfurt to the Tigerpalast Variety Theatre and the English Theatre, the largest English-language stage on the European continent. Frankfurt is the “euro city”. The density and diversity of financial service providers based in Frankfurt is greater here than anywhere else in Germany. Aside from hundreds of banks and credit institutions, Frankfurt is also home to a number of significant international finance organisations, including the German Stock Exchange, the European Central Bank and  countles sglobally operating corporate law offices,

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