Discover North Evia – hidden paradise of Greece

July 10, 2023

In era od mass tourism it is not easy to find some hidden and undiscovered spots in Europe. One of the hidden paradise of Greece is North Evia – place where you will feel like at home, with possibility to meet local people and understand traditional way of life, hear about mythology and history, try local and authentic food. From spa towns to wine tourism and from volcanic islands to best beaches in Greece – Evia is destination that you have to discover this summer.

Evia, the second largest island of Greece and the third in the eastern Mediterranean, is located close to the Prefecture of Attica.
However, it has a somewhat mainland character, since two bridges – the modern, suspended one and the older, sliding one – link it to mainland Greece, called “Sterea Ellada”. Evia has wonderful beaches, a pleasant climate, renowned monuments, many
thermal sources and tasty food and is, therefore, a popular and nearby destination for the inhabitants of Athens. Various findings in several parts of the area (Istiaia, Kirinthos, Psachna, Amarynthos, Artaki, Karistos etc) evidence that Evia was inhabited from the Paleolithic Era. Important archeological finding have been excavated fro the period of copper. Ruins dating back to the Early Helladic period have been found in Lefkanti, Vasiliko and in Manika, Chalkida, while in Oreoi and Aliveri ruins of the Middle Helladic period have been found. Finally, tombs and ruins of post Hellenic and Mycenaean era have been excavated in many areas of Chalkida. The ancient cities of Evia established important colonies in the Mediterranean sea (Chalkidiki, Asia Minor, Southern Italy), while Eretria was one of the most powerful cities during the Classic period. During the Byzantine era, Evia was very prosperous and formed part of the Department of Greece. During the Ottoman occupation, Evia was under Turkish control even after Kapodistrias’ arrival, and it joined to Greece only after the firman of 13th of June 1830. After the tragedy of Asia Minor in 1922 a lot of refugees installed themselves permanently in Nea Artaki and Nea Lampsakos, as well as in refugee settlements in Chalkida and Amarynthos. During the Second World War, Evia was bombarded by the Germans while the resistance of the locals was very strong.

A famous resort, which accommodates around 40.000 tourists during summer. The area is popular for its thermal spas which Aristotle and Plutarch used to visit. Nowadays, there are more than 80 thermal springs with temperature from 28° C to 86° C. The curative characteristics of these springs help diseases like arthritis, while with spa-therapy women can treat gynecological diseases and men sexual dysfunction. The settlement of Aidipsos is located 4km NE of the spa city. As for the region of Aidipsos, it is located 111 km NW of Chalkida. Edipsos is connected by ferry to Arkitsa, Fthiotida.

Lichadonisia is an island complex off the north west of Evia. Today this archipelago is famous as Caribbeans of Europe because its exotic colors and all shades of blue. The islands located opposite Lichada cape in the north-western extreme of Evia and
opposite of small town Kamena Vourla in Central Greece mainland. Administratively, they belong to Istiaia-Aidipsos municipality, in Evia regional unit. The archipelago consists of seven beautiful islands. The biggest of them is Manolia and is the only that had residents in the past. Other islands are Strongyli, Mikri Strongyli, Steno, Vagia, Vorias and Limani. The biggest island – Manolia is visited by many tourists in the summer months.

Gialtra is one of the best kept secrets of northern Evia, it is a fishing village where tourism is just beginning, so you will have beautifull beaches just for yourself. Gialtra is also a Spa like near by Edipsos and you can find mineral springs and warm waters all year round. Locations near Gialtra include the Ancient city of Athinai Diades and the Village of Agios Georgios Gialtras.

Wine tourism is very important for northern Evia and one of the most famous wineries is Vriniotis winery located in Gialtra, in North Evia , just a few kilometers from the Edipsos and is open for visits every day of the year and the view is breathtaking .
The tour follows a unique path through the vineyard , the old wine press , the winery , the cellar of oak barrels and ends in the tasting room , where visitors can taste and buy wines.