MOZA Mini-P – perfect gimbal for travelers

April 11, 2021

Spring is here, time for planning new adventures and trips. My travel list for this spring is all about camera equipment, as I want to travel light and not to carry to much stuff in my backpack. Stabilization is very important for my travel images and video clips. When I am considering camera stabilization equipment for my travelings my perfect choice is MOZA Mini-P as it is compatible…

Mirfak Audio WE10 – more than a microphone

March 8, 2021

MIRFAK Audio philosophy was developed over 40 years through live concerts, onset production for tv/film, and in the recording studio. MIRFAK Audio uses this legacy audio experience to build microphones and audio equipment that accurately captures and reproduces sound. Using the latest digital noise cancellation and user-adjustable tuning technology, MIRFAK Audio offers a one device wireless audio solution that offers both video content creators an on camera wireless…

MOZA Mini MX inspires you to become a filmmaker

October 15, 2020

On my travels I am discovering new places, traditions, food, hotels and through photography and articles I am presenting you my view of reality. And in recent months reality is that we cant travel as much as before, so we have more free time. I am using my free time to try new things, and to do something for the first time. I always wanted to make short…