Zemun – experience old charm of Serbian capital

April 15, 2022

Raised and thus secured against floods, Zemun’s exceptionally accessible natural position on the right bank of the Danube attracted dwelling settlements. Traces of the oldest settlement in Zemun were found at Gardoš, the site of today’s cemetery. This settlement originates from the early Neolith times,  the time of its oldest culture in the Danube region. Zemun was a separate town that was incorporated into Belgrade in 1934. The…

Belgrade – reopening of tourism

July 5, 2021

Belgrade – Capital of Serbia is reopening tourism after more than one year of global pandemic. Now you can see tourists from every corner of the world in the bustling streets of Belgrade. Restaurant and bars are open again. Museums are crowded after more than one year, and tourists are exploring their favorite tourist sights. One of the most important destinations of the city is Kalemegdan fortress. This…