Gombit Hotel – the first 4-star design hotel in Bergamo Alta

February 8, 2018

Situated beside the magnificent Torre del Gombito, in the heart of Bergamo Alta, between the Duomo (cathedral) and Piazza Vecchia, described by the great architect Le Corbusier “the most beautiful square in Europe”, GombitHotel is the first hotel in the Città Alta with all the rooms different from one another.

GombitHotel, tailor designed, offers the luxury of sober and moderate design, which reinterprets the historical spaces and exalts their beauty, offering the guest a rare experience among history and contemporaneity.

Balanced between a collection of art and a workshop space, GombitHotel is an experimental laboratory and a gallery, in which international artists and young Lombard artists like Steven Cavagna, work together to keep the interiors alive. Just as a sitting room at home, cosy and refined in every detail, they change, from day to day, from room to room, giving rigour and value to the functionality of the objects which become the node of relation with the life of the guests, bridges that link individual and collective histories, ties between functionality and aesthetics.

Under the guide of the interior designer Giò Pozzi and the entrepreneur Nadia Galeotti the interiors of the 13 cosy rooms, each one different from the other and distributed on 4 floors, present a minimalist collection of tones and materials: grey in the choice of flooring with large and precious slabs, rope for the old linens coming from France and grey-brown for the wooden floors, with light hues for the madeto-measure design furnishings.

The architectonic restoration of the tower and the design intervention make the Gombit Hotel a
privileged destination and a place of attraction for international tourism, thanks also to the important recognition obtained from the Design Hotels circuit, which has inserted the hotel In Città Alta among the most exclusive and creative hotel structures in the world. The sought after brand is assigned to only 10% of the hundreds of hotels throughout the world who apply for affiliation each year and for this it has become a sign of distinction of the structures that have made their architectonic peculiarity and interior design their own distinctive features, masterfully combined with impeccable service.

The interiors of the project were entrusted to the designer Giò Pozzi, who elaborated a simple and linear space, of grand style that is able to compete with the ancient part both of the building and the urban context in which it is immersed. It is true architecture of the essential that is the inspiration of the project: delicate colours and important but at the same time simple materials, with subtle tones aimed at welcoming and pure design. The floor of the entrance is large in size with a slab of pacific grey, Brazilian stone measuring 110 x 90cm. The seating in the entrance is also spacious and extends for 4 m, comfortable in tones and the rigour of the design. A transversal iron tape, of 35 cm, delineates the hall. Element of design and a play of citation with the historical external paving and typical of the nearby Piazza Vecchia which is thus recalled inside the tower. Of great effect and rigorous linearity is the desk in reception in white gloss resin of Gobbetto.