Secrets of Rhodes

May 11, 2023

With hundreds of beautiful islands, Greece is tourist heaven. But how to choose perfect island for your next vacation? Some islands are famous for beautiful beaches but without night life or culture, and some are full of archeological sites but not with the best hotels or beaches. There is island that combines it all – from amazing scenery and beaches with all shades of blue to the most beautiful villages, museums and archeological sites. That is Rhodes – island of sun.

There are so many places, museums, castles and beaches to visit in Rhodes. But here are some of the main attractions as well as some secret ones:

City of Rhodes – The Old Town of Rhodes is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Greece, smelling of leather, spices and coffee – of the Orient. Even the architecture reminds places of the bazaars of the Far East. The domes of the mosques and the slender minarets, bear witness to Turkish rule. The magnificent buildings of the knights, such as the mighty Grand Master’s Palace, are even more impressive. An unbelievable variety of shops, tavernas and cafes have established themselves there, with
holidaymakers from all over the world, bringing life to the old streets. The most beautiful view over the city and the Mandraki harbor is offered by a walk on the old city wall. There is a picturesque labyrinth of alleys, lined with beautiful inner courtyards, mosques next to chapels from the Byzantine era, as well as Turkish fountains and ruins of Gothic churches. Or one can drive up to Monte Smith, past beautiful villas in tropical gardens, admiring the elegant Temple of Athena and the ancient stadium, while at the same time have all of Rhodes at their feet, the port, the beaches and all the Aegean blue Sea.

Palace of the Grand Master – The Palace of the Grand Master is undoubtedly the medieval town’s main tourist attraction. It is located northwest, on the town’s loftiest point. Built by the Knights Hospitallers of Jerusalem, in the place of a previous fortification of the 7th c., it was the residence of the Grand Master and the place where conferences of the knightly order were held. The sarcophagi of all the Grand Masters are preserved inside the court.

Baths of Kallithea – The complex was built during Italian rule, in order to provide a center of therapy and recreation for Italian
vacationers around the existing, natural thermal springs. The baths were inaugurated on July 1st, 1929, right after the completion of the road, leading from Rhodes to Kallithea. It was designed by architect Pietro Lombardi, who combined Byzantine and Muslim with Classical Greek elements, wisely integrated into the overall composition.

Beach in the city of Rhodes – On this cosmopolitan beach, on the north side of the town, one can enjoy the sun and the azure waters, just a stone’s throw away from the city center. Big hotels, taverns, bars and shops are also nearby.

Lindos is famous not only for its traditional settlement, its ancient acropolis and its significant archeological site, but also for its beautiful beaches. The landscape is amphitheatric, with the acropolis dominating the scenery from above, while the snow white settlement slithers all the way up to the castle. Swimming in the emerald waters and feasting your eyes on the view in front of you, is the experience of a lifetime.

Monastery of the Lady Filerimos is located on a hill above Ialyssos, about 10 km from Rhodes Town, close to the site of
Ancient Ialyssos. It was built by the Knights of Saint John in the medieval times and was reconstructed in the early 20th c. The monastery is dedicated to Virgin Mary the Life-Giving Source (Zoodochos Pighi) and its architecture is much different than the usual monasteries in Greece. Its Gothic style stone construction, was built on top of the site of an older Byzantine monastery.At the citadel of Filerimos, stands the Church of the Lady Filerimos, built by the Knights of the Order of St. John, as well as many religious monuments of ancient, Byzantine and Knights’ period.

Bee Museum – Visit unique and original Bee museum and see bees’ amazing world in transparent observation hives, the tradition and history of beekeeping in Rhodes, how honey is obtained (from the bee to the table). Learn everything about beesand their valuable products: honey, pollen, wax, propolis and royal jelly. Interact with digital exhibition infokiosks and educational games. Have a walk in the bees’ garden and learn the Rhodian herbs and flowers which bees visit. You can taste and buy bee natural products in the selling point of the Museum.

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