What to Eat in Iceland

October 6, 2019

Icelandic cusine is dominated by lamb, sea food, potatoes and dairy products. On my trip around the country I have tried all the traditional dishes and I can say that I was most impressed by Langoustine – Icelandic Lobster. The best sea food of Iceland is in the south and east of the country and on my way to eastern Fjords, I made stop in Hofn – the Capital of Icelandic Lobsters. It was a good choice.

Pakkhus restaurant in Hofn

Hofn is famous for its fantastic lobster all over Iceland. You can try excellent langoustines at Pakkhus restaurant, overlooking the harbour, just beside the new information centre in town . The menu emphasize on local ingredients from the area around the Vatnajökull Region. The house is two storeys where on the 2nd floor is the restaurant which takes 60-100 people seating, depending on the kind of event taking place. On the 1st floor is comfortable waiting area that is newly renovated.

Local ingredients – Pakkhus restaurant

For starter I tried Lamb and goose. Smoked lamb carpaccio on a traditional icelandic leafbread with horseradish mayo and smoked breast of wild goose with sesam teriyaki was perfect for the start of this treat and it was served originally over smoked wooden chips.

I was ready for the main dish, and even before I have tried it, I was amazed by amount of it – portions are huge, and you can be sure that you will have more than enough of this delicacy. Icelandic Lobster was perfectly baked and together with fresh herbs, potatoes and salad form this traditional dish and main reason why I have made stop in Hofn.

And for the desert – it was a special treat – Skyr Volcano. When I am in Iceland – home of more than 180 active volcanoes, I have to try original desert – Skyr mousse ( local dairy product ) with tahiti vanilla, lava, ash, poprocks and brown sugar caramel.

It was perfect touch for the end of this unforgettable dinner. I know that I will do round trip of Iceland again, and first thing that I will look for it in south -east of the country is Langoustine – traditional Icelandic delicacy.