Magic of Bergamo in Christmas

December 16, 2019

With beautiful illumination, hot mulled drinks and charming markets dotted around the city I have discovered perfect place to be in this magical time of year – Bergamo, with its ideal position in northern Italy, tradition and historical center is waiting for you to discover.

Both parts of the city, new – Citta Basa and old – Citta Alta are beautifully illuminated. In Bergamo, you will find a Christmas Village with characteristic stalls in Piazzale degli Alpini, as well as the Christmas Village in the picturesque Piazza Dante. If instead you want the magic of a market enclosed in the frame of mountains, there are the markets in Castione della Presolana or those in Brumano. Take advantage of your Christmas holiday to buy fancy gifts at the street markets or go on a shopping spree along the streets in the center, admiring the colorfully decorated shop windows.

My favorite part of the city is Citta Alta, with its UNESCO Heritage fortification from 15th century. And in this time of the year, it looks even more magical. The lights that sparkle, festive window displays, trees overflowing with balls and bows, nativity scenes and the magic of the markets. If you choose the right time, as the sun is setting, you’ll have just the right mix to take perfect shots.

Bergamo is in an ideal position as it is located in the heart of Northern Italy. It is the perfect base for exploring the neighbouring cities with their markets and glittering streets.

Book your stay through VisitBergamo and as a gift you will receive two public transport tickets valid for 72 hours. And when you are in Bergamo, beside Christmas markets, and idylic atmosphere, you have to visit San Vigilio castle, and admire the city from above. It is perfect viewing point and you will be in position to see both Citta Alta and Citta Basa, but also snow covered Alps in the distance.