The best place to see the Northern Lights

December 25, 2019

Northern lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the magical experience of traveling to the north. One of the best places to see the northern lights is Iceland. There are so many places that you can see Aurora Borealis in Iceland, but you should always be aware that is important to be outside of city – artificial lights. That is not hard in Iceland, as Reykjavik, the capital city, is one of the few places with a lot of street lights. For sure, you can try to go deeper inside the nature to witness this amazing natural phenomena. Lake Myvatn area is the best place for spotting Aurora Borealis, as it is without artificial lights, but still there is good tourist infrastructure.

To witness the Northern Lights you will need a dark night and you will need relatively clear skies, clouds don’t necessarily mean no sightings. You will also need some sort of solar activity and solar winds as the Lights are caused by a collision of particles from the sun with gaseous particles from the earth. Northern Lights are very unpredictable. so you can newer be sure, but the best time of the year to spot the Aurora Borealis in Iceland is from late August to April.

And even if you are in summer at lake Myvatn, without possibility to see Northern lights, you can enjoy walking around. You will see a lot of volcanoes and rock formations, and of course amazing number of sheep as everywhere around countryside in Iceland. More about the Aurora Borealis and Iceland, you can read in my new free online book ,,Secrets of Iceland,,