Top 5 beaches in Sithonia – Halkidiki

May 22, 2022

When you think about perfect beach seting and all shades of blue, there is no better place than Halkidiki and especially middle peninsula of Sithonia. As the motto of tourism board of Halkidiki – Made of dreams – Sithonia beaches are peace of Heaven on Earth and if you choose Sithonia as your holiday destination you will not have enough time to discover all of the natural beauties – good reason to come again and discover one of the best kept secrets of the mediterannean.

Beach in front of Antigoni Beach Resort in Ormos Panagia – Trani Amouda beach

There are hundreds of beaches with the most beautiful shades from blue to turquoise and everything between and majority of them are awarded with blue flag sign. In fact, Halkidiki is region of Greece with the most Blue Flag beaches. For each day of your holiday you can choose among different beaches of Sithonia and this is our recommendation:

Beaches of Vourvourou – from Karidi to Fava beach:

Karidi is said to be the most beautiful beach and Sithonia’s fantastic gem. Wide enough with white sand and exotic, super shallow turquoise waters make an idyllic scenery. It is not well-organized, but it usually gets crowded, there are just some canteens to service tourists and restaurants nearby and also, you will find sea & mountain activities.

It is a family-friendly beach with shallow water forming what looks like a big aquamarine swimming pool. The beach is not organized so just come with a towel and parasol and put yourself down where there’s room.

Fava bech – or how many tourists calls it Crocodile beach is not far from Karidi beach and it is one of the best kept secrets of Halkidiki. It is sandy beach and it is full of unique stone figures that forms unique shapes, some of them looks like animals so maybe that is one of the reason why tourists calls it Crocodile beach.

Ormos Panagias – Trani Amouda beach

Trani Ammoudia beach also called as Ormos Panagias is an extremely large, exotic and quiet beach; is probably one of the largest sand surface areas in Sithonia. You can expect to see turquoise and crystal clear water with fine and smooth sand and with more enough space to put your parasols and towels. It’s preferred by families with small children due to its shallow and warm sea.

The best place to be based in Trani Amouda beach is Antigoni Beach Resort.

With fast and easy access from the city of Thessaloniki, which lies only 110km away, Antigoni Beach Resort is undoubtedly the ultimate summer vacation destination for those seeking for natural beauty, tranquility, relaxation and distinctive luxury.You can read more about this Antigoni Beach Resort in this article.

Porto Koufo beach – deepest natural harbour in Greece

Porto Koufo is a long, narrow sandy beach with exotic and quite deep waters placed between rocky hills. Along the coast, there are caves which can be reached on boats. There are some traditional Greek taverns which serve the freshest seafood in Sithonia which get such popular in summer.

Due to being a harbour, the sea is almost always calm without any waves and the sunset is one of the best in Halkidiki.

Toroni and Kalamitsi beach

Toroni is an extensive and partly organized, sandy beach with transparent blue-green water that deepens quickly and never gets crowded. That Blue Flag beach is so spectacular with the ruins of the old Byzantine castle – Likythos, as its trademark. Guests can also go snorkelling and diving to explore the ancient city underwater.

And don’t be in a hurry to leave the beach.. As the sun sets, the beach is the place you need to be. Whether it be for a sunset swim or a cocktail along the promenade or a romantic walk along the beach before you head back.

Kalamitsi is an astonishing, well-organized beach with soft, white sand and remarkably emerald, clear waters which is surrounded by huge rocks.

In Kalamitsi beach there are plenty of water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling or canoeing and the 3 or 4 taverna where you can eat so well typical greek meals. It’s funny to swim to the small island facing the beach as an adventure for the kids.

Kavourotrypes beach

Kavourotrypes beach is one of the best beaches of mediterannean, known also as Portokali – Orange beach. It is located between Armenistis and Platanitsi beaches in Sithonia. Undoubtedly, it is the real paradise on earth; it is a golden sandy beach with crystal-clear, emerald and shallow waters with great view to Mt. Athos surrounded by pine trees and white rocks. It is partly organized and not easily accessible, though it always gets overcrowded.

Kavourotrypes forms a lace-like coastline of small secluded beaches with crystal clear waters, white coves and dense pine trees that spread all the way down to the shore.

If you want to know more about hundreds of beautiful beaches of Halkidiki, you can read more on official website of Halkidiki tourism board.