Sopotnica – the most beautiful watefall in Serbia

November 20, 2022

One of the travel trends of 2022. is eco tourism. There is no better place for eco and sustainable tourism in Europe then south-western part of Serbia, place of natural beauty, traditional villages and medieval monasteries. There are numerous waterfalls in Serbia, from magnificant waterfalls in south-east and eastern Serbia but one of the most visited tourism spots in this year was Sopotnica waterfall, in south-western Serbia, near the town of Prijepolje. Consider as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Serbia, this natural wonder is perfect place for experiencing sustainable tourism. This natural monument includes the source of the surface flow of the Sopotnica river with several permanent and occasional karst springs and streams. What characterizes the Sopotnica river is the large height difference betwen the mouth at 465 meters above sea level and the highest source at 1,150 meters above sea level. There are seven large terraces over witch spring water streams flow creating colorful waterfalls and cascades. Streams and waterfalls are connected with small wooden bridges and walking paths.

What is also interesting in this region, full of streams and cascades are old watermills. Before industrialization there were dozens of watermills on the streams of river Sopotnica. Today we can sea just couple of old watermills still standing for tourists. There are numerous possibilities to improve eco tourism in this part of Serbia and each year there are more and more tourists from all over the world discovering this hidden gem of Europe.