Kefalonia Film Festival “Kymata”

July 9, 2023

The International Film Festival of Kefalonia “Kymata” will take place from August 27th to September 3rd in beautiful Argostoli. It will feature film screenings by the sea, surprise guests from Greek and Serbian cinema, music, cartoons, comics, and many other activities.

The festival, founded by director and award-winning location manager (“Magnetic Fields”), Marinos Sklavounakis, in his hometown, Kefalonia, is under the auspices of the Greek National Tourism Organization.

At a beautiful public space next to the sea, “Thalassomylos”, that was recently remodeled for the needs of the festival, the audience will have the chance to enjoy favorite Greek artists, from Yannis Economides and Giannis Aggelakas to Eva Stefani and the Serbian creators Slobodan Sijan and Srdan Golubovic. The audience will also enjoy Yorgos Georgopoulos, the Illegal Operation, Nikos Veliotis, Stavros Mitropoulos and the film critic Akis Kapranos.

As noted by the artistic director, Marinos Sklavounakis:

“The 2nd International Film Festival ‘Kymata’ will take place in Kefalonia, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and one of the most popular tourist destinations. Our goal is to highlight and promote the art of cinema and music, the entertainment, and the audience participation, while simultaneously aiming to promote Kefalonia as a cinematic destination. This year’s festival includes tributes to directors from Greece and abroad, with the presence of the directors themselves and the creators of their films. Additionally, it will host educational seminars by renowned Greek artists and cartoonists, as well as music concerts throughout the festival. We have created this festival with the sole motivation of our love for art. After all, the essence of art lies in revealing the inner meaning of life. Art is not the events themselves, but the imprint they leave. And that is precisely what we aim for…”.

“ΚΥΜΑΤΑ” Film Festival

“Kymata” film festival started in 2022 as an initiative of the Environmental and Cultural Association of Kefalonia, in collaboration with AMANTES KOINSEP and the cultural association ANAKARA, aiming to promote and showcase the art of cinema and music, the entertainment, and the audience participation. Simultaneously, it aims to establish and maintain a creative “nucleus” for the meeting and networking of Kefalonian artists and professionals in the field, on a pan-European and international level.

The festival is financially supported by the Ionian Islands Region, the Municipality of Argostoli, and the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Additional information: