Experience eco-friendly whale watching with North Sailing

June 8, 2023

If you are visiting Iceland you will be amazed by numerous waterfalls, geysirs, volcanoes..There is so much to see, but one thing that you have to experienc while you are in land of ice and fire is whale watching. There is no better place for watching whales and puffins then Husavik – town on the bay in northern Iceland. It is prime location for whale watching and you…

Costa Rica – successful story of sustainable tourism

October 1, 2022

Costa Rica is pioneer of sustainable and eco tourism worldwide. Ecotourism in Costa Rica started several decades ago with the creation of the National Park System and the establishing of the infrastructure which would provide eco lodging to guests visiting the country. Costa Rica ecotourism has achieved world wide leadership, and is respected as a visionary economic activity which brings guests to protected areas with the intention of…

Traveling climate-friendly in Switzerland

August 19, 2021

Tourism is going through transformation due to worldwide pandemic, and now more than ever, we need climate friendly solutions for transport and traveling. One of the countries with the most denst public transportation system is Switzerland. By public transport, you enjoy carefree travel across Switzerland – and it is even climate-friendly. The railway for example is the most environmentally friendly means of transport. It emits less CO2 than…