Experience eco-friendly whale watching with North Sailing

June 8, 2023

If you are visiting Iceland you will be amazed by numerous waterfalls, geysirs, volcanoes..There is so much to see, but one thing that you have to experienc while you are in land of ice and fire is whale watching. There is no better place for watching whales and puffins then Husavik – town on the bay in northern Iceland. It is prime location for whale watching and you can be sure that you will have opportunity to spot some of these gentile giants.

But beside desire to see whales you have to think about sustainability. Company that is famous for eco-friendly whale watching in Iceland is North Sailing – providing this experience since 1995. They are equiped with the most sustainable boats and technology but also with knowledgeable people who will tell you more about sea life and all creatures of the ocean in Iceland.

Their original whale watching tour is the most popular so be sure to book tour in advance so you will have your spot on one of their boats. Observe whales, dolphins and sea birds in their natural habitat on this 3-hour splendid experience while experiencing the natural beauty of Skjálfandi Bay.

Húsavík is a marine lover’s paradise, with over 97% average success rate of whale sightings in the last three decades! The main focus of the tour is to spot and enjoy the presence of marine mammals. Who knows, you might see curious minke whales, breaching humpbacks, playful pods of dolphins or even blue whales, the largest mammal on earth! And yet, each tour is unique. If you’re lucky, killer whales, fin whales and other species could even make an appearance. These amazing animals visit the Bay to feed on the plentiful krill and plankton.

Enjoy a smooth, safe sailing in a traditional Icelandic oak ship with great viewing decks to explore the home of the whales. Professional and highly qualified crew will guide you throughout the tour, share great knowledge about whales and fascinating stories from Skjálfandi Bay. Aside from the numerous whales that make their way to the Bay, keep an eye out for diverse birdlife. You can often see Arctic terns searching for food, Puffins diving in for a swim, and other curious seabirds hovering nearby.

On the way home, treat yourself to complimentary refreshments served onboard – hot chocolate and cinnamon buns! An original family recipe. Recommended by thousands of satisfied travellers worldwide, the Húsavík Original Whale Watching tour is an authentic wildlife adventure by North Sailing, the pioneers of whale watching in Iceland with over 25 years of experience. North Sailing Whale Watching is dedicated to excellent customer service, so you’ll get a fantastic experience every time! North Sailing has received international certification from the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) as a responsible whale watching operator. It’s great recognition for our pioneering work in developing responsible whale watching tours in Iceland.