Artonov Festival – where innovation becomes a way to build a future together

October 15, 2019

October is perfect time to visit Brussels, and Artonov Festival is one of the reason for all art and architecture lovers to discover world of innovation, where different art forms and Art Nouveau architecture combined builds a future together.

The Artonov Festival is inspired by the international movement of Art Nouveau, both for its philosophy and for its implementation. Its objective is to generate a convergence between the performing arts, such as music, dance, theatre, fashion and visual arts, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

Olivia Droeshaut © DYOD

Main idea of Vincenzo Casale (Artistic Director and President of the Festival ) was to connect architecture with different forms of art. As he said, architecture and place where the art is happening is important for the ritual of the art itself. The Aartonov Festival’s ambition is to reconnect itself to the concept of ‘total art’, and to unify the art of music, visual arts, architecture, dance, design, theatre and video to offer young Europeans a work space catering to their creativity, curiosity and their professional emancipation.

Olivia Droeshaut © DYOD

Artonov Festival is pefect place for young artist as they can express their ideas in indisciplinary way and to work together building a new world. The festival itself, the bridge that brings visual arts, performing arts, space arts, fine arts and the arts of music together for a complete and balanced symbiosis around Art Nouveau – young emerging artists as a force to invest in the future, united with the use of new technologies as well as with the opportunity to travel the road of European Art Nouveau cities.

Yves Dethier © DYOD

Future idea of the Festival would be connecting numerous cities in Europe and their Art Nouveau architecture, and presenting new artists that can help audience from different countries to reconnect and understand better all the differences, as that is one of the main idea of art itself – to build bridges between people.

Olivia Droeshaut © DYOD