Tesalate towels – simply smarter than the rest

July 6, 2020

Summer in Europe is here and we are ready for the beach. Inspiration for this month is new Australian brand Tesalate. They are creating unique towels with innovative design and fabrics that are ultra absorbent and sand free.

Tesalate creators are here to give us answers about how they started their journey:

Tell us something about how you started, and what was initial idea to make Tesalate brand?

Tesalate is proudly an Australian-designed beach towel created by two friends, Volkan Ozbek and Jacky Lam. After 18 months of planning, product development and testing, Tesalate finally launched at Bondi Beach Markets in 2016. From there, Tesalate rapidly expanded by selling towels to customers in over 100 countries within 2 years. Tesalate is a young, growing company. We have been featured in several media outlets worldwide and have over a million followers across our social media platforms.  

What is the secret of fabrics, how you came to idea for this special type of fabrics?

Utilising cutting-edge textile technology, we created our exclusive AbsorbLiteTM microfiber to bring you a towel that’s simply smarter than the rest. Unlike regular towels, our fabric does not have looped fibers which is why sand easily slides off. 

Our towels are also made with premium dye from Italy, for it to stay vibrant despite being subject to harsh outdoor conditions, repeated washing, the scorching sun, and other different ways on how people use the towel. 

 Tell us something about prints and colors of the towels, what is idea, who is creator of the prints?

We have in-house artists who make our designs. Our debut collection was initially named and inspired by the world’s best beach destinations. As we grew and expanded to offer more designs, we made sure our collection always remained bold and vibrant — two distinct features that Tesalate became famous for.

What are your future plans ?

After successfully launching an XL size for our beach towels, we recently had an anti-bacterial, odour free workout towel soft launch for our Australian-based market. It is doing so well and most likely by the time this piece gets published, we would have launched the workout towel worldwide. Our workout towels come in a variety of bold, vibrant designs but there will also be simple designs for those who prefer more subdued prints.