MOZA Mini MX inspires you to become a filmmaker

October 15, 2020

On my travels I am discovering new places, traditions, food, hotels and through photography and articles I am presenting you my view of reality. And in recent months reality is that we cant travel as much as before, so we have more free time. I am using my free time to try new things, and to do something for the first time. I always wanted to make short movies, and beside that I am always making photography while I am on travels, couple of times I tried to make some short video clips. But I saw that I have one problem from the start – and that problem is lack of stabilization. You can make amazing video clips, beautiful scenery, but if you dont have stabilizer of your camera it can newer be really good quality clip.

And that is just start of the story. You would first need to buy video camera and than expensive stabilizer to support your camera. I had enough free time to research on this topic and I found the best possible solution. We all now have smartphones with high quality cameras, and with phone gimbal – stabilizer we can make amazing video clips.

There are couple of reasons to use our smartphone cameras and phone gimbals instead of video cameras while traveling. First of all, obviously smartphones are smaller size so it will be easier for us not to carry on big video camera. Also, price is one of the reason to think about making video clips with phone on gimbal.

MOZA Mini MX is absolutely the best answer for all of us who wants high quality gimbal for our phones and with the best price on market. Whether walking or running, MOZA Mini MX can handle your style of filmmaking. With a maximum payload capacity of 280g the MOZA Mini MX makes it easy to film even with a large-screen smartphone. The spiral folding design of the MOZA Mini MX allows the gimbal to fit into the palm of your hand, a small handbag, or back pocket. Its perfect for travelers. It is very easy to use MOZA Mini MX. Unlike traditional gimbals that require complicated manual balancing steps, set up for the MOZA Mini Mx gimbal is quick and easy. Start filming in seconds just connect over Bluetooth and select filming mode. The MOZA Genie App offers a linear editing system packed with tools normally found on professional editing software. Functions such as Cut, Splice, Paste, Filters, Effects, Transitions, Music, Subtitles, and more. Now your smartphone can become a powerful editing desk with the MOZA Genie App.

On my future trips I will use MOZA Mini MX and will show you all the possibilities of filmmaking with smartphone. On the video bellow, you can see my first testing clip with Moza Mini MX. It is just a testing clip, but you can already see amazing stabilization even while I am fast walking or running, changing angle on all directions. You can buy MOZA Mini MX online and on my affiliate link you will have the best price.

You can by MOZA Mini MX online with the best price on my affiliate link