Jagodina – city of culture and tourism

June 28, 2021

Located in the central part of Serbia, the administrative center of the Pomoravlje region, the city of Jagodina boasts excellent infrastructure, economic potential, cultural events and numerous tourist attractions. The rich tourist offer consists of unique museums, the first Serbian aqua park, zoo, numerous restaurants, wineries, modern shopping centers … But it seems that the most important is the hospitality of its locals, which contributes to every guest in Jagodina quickly feeling as if at home. With the accelerated development of the city, the economy also developed, so Jagodina today can boast of numerous domestic and foreign factories located on its territory.

Jagodina – panorama

Homeland Museum in Jagodina – in the territory that today includes the city of Jagodina, life flowed in prehistoric times, as evidenced by many archaeological finds that are kept in the Homeland Museum. The Homeland Museum has grown into a significant cultural institution in the city and beyond, which collects tens of thousands of valuable objects of natural, archaeological, historical, ethnological and artistic character. Among the exhibits, rare prehistoric fossils stand out, archeological finds from the medieval period, but also materials from the First Serbian Glass Factory, collections of numismatics and decorations, old and rare books. The Homeland Museum provides a unique opportunity for tourists to learn in one place about the centuries-old course of life and work in this area.

Homeland Museum in Jagodina

Museum of Naive and Marginal Art – a special place in the cultural milieu of Jagodina and the list of objects of cultural monuments is occupied by the Museum of Naive Art. The Naive Museum has become the bearer of the preservation and affirmation of naive painters, not only from this area, but also from the whole of Europe, and more recently from around the world. The permanent exhibition of the Museum, many monographs, catalogs, a large number of exhibitions in the country and abroad will remain permanent and valuable testimonies about the artistic heritage of Jagodina. Janko Brašić, the founder of the Oparić School of Naive Art, Josip and Ivan Generalić, Ivan Rabuzin, Josip Lacković, many painters of the Kovačić School of Naive Art and many others exhibited their works in the Museum . In addition to the Gallery and Museum of Naive Art, there are several private galleries in Jagodina that give a special stamp to the cultural creativity of the city.

Museum of Naive and Marginal Art

Museum of wax figures – in the most beautiful part of Jagodina, within the tourist-sports-entertainment complex Potok Đurđevo brdo, on April 28, 2008, the first and only Museum of wax figures in Serbia was opened, and the sixth in Europe. The Museum of Wax Figures in Jagodina has over 30 exhibits, from history, church, politics, science, to culture and sports, and is a true primer of history. The Museum also offers a variety of souvenirs, which will remind you of your visit to the city of Jagodina and this interesting institution.

Museum of wax figures

Zoo – with the opening of the first zoo south of Belgrade, Jagodina has certainly become one of the important tourist centers in Serbia. Like the Aqua Park and the Museum of Wax Figures, the Zoo is also located in the tourist-sports complex of Jagodina. It contains over 150 different attractive animals: Bengal tigers, lions, leopards, cougars, bears, lions, giraffes, zebras, camels, kangaroos, seals and many others. The ambiance of the Zoo is beautifully landscaped and covers an area of ​​about 2 hectares. It is decorated to the highest world standards with trained guides, walking paths, rest benches, and large areas under grass and flowers.

ZOO in Jagodina

Aqua Park in Jagodina is the first aqua park in Serbia, which was opened in July 2007 in the most beautiful part of the city within the sports and tourist complex. It covers an area of ​​3.5 hectares. It contains seven pools for sports and recreational activities with water attractions for children and a system of slides with a total length of about 600 meters. Of that, 6 slides are for adults and 3 for toddlers. The Olympic pool meets all the conditions for holding swimming and water polo competitions according to the regulations of the World Swimming Federation. The entire water park is illuminated by floodlights, which enables the holding of night sports and cultural-entertainment events. This center also includes several restaurants for preparing fast food, as well as for selling ice cream, juices and beer.

Aqua park Jagodina

Religious tourism – in addition to cultural and entertainment content, Jagodina is also a center of religious tourism, because in addition to several urban and rural temples, in the city and its surroundings you can visit numerous medieval monasteries. One of the most beautiful examples of the Serbian-Byzantine style of construction is the central church in Jagodina – the Temple dedicated to St. Peter and Paul. It is basically inscribed with an equilateral cross. The church suffered badly in the Second World War. In the first days after the liberation, it was possible to put everything in order temporarily so that it could be served. Detailed renovation, frescoes and all-round beautification were experienced by these shrines only in our days.

Saint Peter and Paul church, Jagodina

Wine tourism – in addition to fruit production, wine production in the Jagodina territory has a long tradition. An increasing number of individual wine producers is noticeable, who have become recognizable not only in Serbia but also on the world market by registering their products. The main wine road, which connects the best wineries in the territory of Jagodina, passes through villages such as Vinorača, Medjureč and Lozovik.

Wine tourism