Wadi Rum – discover the Valley of the Moon

April 9, 2021

Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts in the middle east. Tourists are captivated by the tall sandstone figures and mountains that reach up to 1500 meters high. The Bedouins are the local people of Wadi Rum area and they have been living in the desert for thousands of years. They are traditionaly nomadic tribe moving from location to location throughout the desert. Many of them now work in tourism and offer Camel riding and jeep safari to tourists.

“The Valley of the Moon”, is depicted as Mars in numerous Hollywood movies that feature Wadi Rum as an Arabian fairy-tale waiting to be discovered. Wadi Rum is a a quiet getaway of stars, sand, and sun and it is a perfect gateway from Amman, Petra or Aqaba. Once inhabited by the Nabataeans of prehistoric times, Wadi Rum allows you to get lost in large landscapes and horizon lines. The calmness of the desert is sure calm your spirit and de-clutter your thoughts. Wadi Rum is waiting for you and you can read more in free online travel book ,,Secrets of Aqaba,, where you can learn about wonders of Jordan such as Wadi Rum, Petra or Aqaba.