It’s time to scratch your past adventures

May 28, 2020

It is end of May, and many countries around the world are slowly starting to reopen the borders for foreign passengers in early or mid June. It is time to think about our previous adventures and start planning new.

We all love maps, from antique or medieval maps where we can see just couple of old cities and churches to modern online and GPS Navigation maps that are essential for modern travel. But from time to time, we want to have maps in our hands, to see what are those places that we have already discovered, or to plan some new adventures. I am presenting you Awesome Maps – illustrated world maps for travelers of all ages.

Awesome Maps team are making original hand made and illustrated maps with unique motives – from map that shows you best diving spots in the world to Fishing Map. From coloring and maps for kids to mountain bike map which are presenting you most amazing bike trails around our beautiful planet. Beside numerous different types of maps they even make towels with same prints that you can use for your next beach trip.

My favorite is Bucketlist scratch map, where you can scratch all the countries that you have already visited.

You can cross over things you have already done, discover and plan some awesome new trips or just marvel at the beautiful world that is out there. After scratching the map, you can even put it on your wall and use it as a reminder that there is always some new place that have to be discovered, or there is some new interesting activity from the Bucket-list that you have to try.